Protecting Attorneys in Discipline Cases

In Ohio, the Rules of Professional Conduct govern Ohio lawyers' professional and, in some cases, personal behavior. These rules address attorney discipline issues and require a lawyer to act competently and diligently throughout the course of representation to avoid harming a client's interests. The Ohio Supreme Court, through Disciplinary Counsel and Certified Grievance Committees, is charged with regulating and enforcing these rules to maintain a competent and ethical bar that promotes public confidence in the legal community.

Protecting Your Law License

While the disciplinary process for an attorney proceeds in civil venues, in many ways it resembles a criminal case. You need the same intense, comprehensive and methodical approach required to defend a criminal charge. As a Cleveland-area defense lawyer, Michael C. Hennenberg is known for his thorough and disciplined methodology. Mr. Hennenberg will apply these skills to the defense of your law license.

Michael C. Hennenberg will seek to obtain a successful resolution of the complaint as early as possible in the process. In some cases, this could mean providing representations to the Disciplinary Counsel, the Certified Grievance Committee, or the Probable Cause Panel of the Board of Commissioners on Grievance and Discipline. If Mr. Hennenberg is successful, the matter ends here, and the complaint and its resolution will remain confidential.

If it is necessary, Michael C. Hennenberg can represent you at all subsequent levels of the process, including the Three Member Panel of the Board of Commissioners on Grievance and Discipline, before the full board itself or before the Supreme Court of Ohio.

Your Legal Counsel

Attorney Michael C. Hennenberg understands the parameters of acceptable legal practice as defined by these rules and has an ongoing commitment to advancing the legal profession. Mr. Hennenberg has lectured extensively to bar associations on professionalism and ethics within the legal profession as well as ethical considerations relating to Ohio's criminal discovery rules in death penalty cases. In Cleveland and throughout Ohio, Mr. Hennenberg accepts cases involving attorney professional misconduct and has represented lawyers in disciplinary matters before the Ohio Supreme Court, Board of Commissioners on Grievances and Discipline. Contact Mr. Hennenberg today to discuss your specific case and needs.

Aggressive and Experienced Representation

Mr. Hennenberg effectively represents clients at all stages of the process, including appearing before Disciplinary Counsel and Certified Grievance Committees, advocating before a three-member panel during a hearing on the merits, and in oral argument before the Ohio Supreme Court. Many times representation begins after a grievance has been filed and is being investigated by disciplinary counsel or a certified grievance committee. The most common types of cases Mr. Hennenberg handles include:

  • Conflicts of interest
  • Failure to keep a client informed of his or her case
  • Failure to maintain client confidentiality
  • Mishandling of client funds
  • Fraud, deception or dishonesty in dealings with the court or opposing counsel
  • Failure to timely file a case
  • Attorney negligence
  • Failure to meet discovery deadlines
  • Failure to advise of statute of limitations
  • Unauthorized practice of law

"I have found that when it comes to allegations of professional misconduct by the Ohio Supreme Court, a swift and comprehensive response to the court's request for information is the best defense and the most effective manner to fend off more serious penalties. The biggest mistake I see is clients who have the best intentions of representing themselves against disciplinary allegations, yet because of personal bias or a demanding practice, they are unable to properly defend themselves. Bar complaints are part and parcel of the practice of law, and having an objective party defend your law license is the best investment you can make in your legal career."

-Michael C. Hennenberg

Aggressively Defending Your Rights and Freedoms in Disciplinary Hearings

When he represents an attorney or judge accused of professional misconduct, Mr. Hennenberg takes a comprehensive approach to the case. Mr. Hennenberg conducts an extensive investigation so that he can make thoughtful and persuasive arguments to the Board of Commissioners on Grievances and Discipline of the Ohio Supreme Court on behalf of his clients. Since Mr. Hennenberg limits the number of cases he works on at any given time, you can be confident your case will receive the attention it deserves.

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Contact Michael C. Hennenberg in Cleveland, Ohio, for experienced professional disciplinary representation. Mr. Hennenberg will aggressively defend your rights and freedom at every stage of the legal process.