Casino Crimes

The opening of Cleveland Horseshoe Casino on Monday, May 14, 2012, was the start of a new era in downtown Cleveland, Ohio. The excitement associated with our newest landmark which offers gambling, entertainment and dining, also presents the potential for significant casino-related legal problems, such as:

  • Cheating allegations
  • Unpaid casino markers
  • Bad checks
  • Theft
  • Fraud
  • Drug and alcohol-related issues
  • Arguments that turn violent
  • Employment issues and other casino-related crimes

A Comprehensive, Caring and Personalized Team Defense

Since 1974, Michael C. Hennenberg has aggressively defended individuals charged with crimes by working closely with the client, and if appropriate, by assembling a personalized defense team that may consist of many types of experts, including, but not limited to private investigators, counselors, polygraphists, mental health professionals, accountants, video experts, computer experts and many other forensic experts.

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For example, an allegation of a crime allegedly being committed at the casino may be untrue. In such a case, Mr. Hennenberg will direct the fact investigation, which often involves assigning a retired law enforcement officer/private investigator to collect evidence, including interviewing witnesses to determine the provability of a criminal complaint, and then to recommend to the client an appropriate strategy while preparing for trial.

However, in other factual situations, an alleged casino-related crime may be all or partly truthful, but which arose from some form of life's pressures or possibly an addiction that may not allow for a complete defense, but may significantly explain what happened and possibly mitigate the charge(s) and/or punishment. That is why Mr. Hennenberg carefully and promptly reviews all available facts with the client and family (if the client permits), and then seeks to formulate an appropriate defense strategy.

Mr. Hennenberg believes a case without a strategy is like a sailboat on Lake Erie without a rudder, going wherever the wind takes you. That is why Mr. Hennenberg advises every defendant in a criminal case needs a comprehensive, thoughtful strategy in furtherance of obtaining the best possible outcome.

Don't Gamble on Your Legal Matters. Bet on Dependable Experience.

Mr. Hennenberg is an Ohio criminal defense lawyer who has focused his law practice for more than 35 years on defending people charged with crime. As a criminal trial advocate who is certified by the National Board of Trial Advocacy and Fellow in the American Board of Criminal Lawyers, Mr. Hennenberg skillfully and vigorously represents his clients in Ohio and federal criminal courts.

Consultation With an Attorney

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