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Ohio's New Criminal Conviction Expungement Law Expands Eligibility

New Ohio law, effective Friday, September 28, 2012, allows more people the opportunity to clean up their criminal records also known as expungement and sealing.  

Once expunged, a person's criminal record is no longer public and will not appear in criminal background checks that search law enforcement and government databases.  Expungements are now available for many more people because one (1), two (2), and sometimes three (3) or more Felony and/or Misdemeanor convictions may now be expunged, specifically:

·      One Felony Conviction


·      One Misdemeanor Conviction


·      One Felony Conviction and One Separate Misdemeanor Conviction


·      Two Separate Misdemeanor Convictions that are not the same offense


·      Two or more convictions resulting from the same act or offenses committed at the same time


·      Two or Three convictions that result from the same indictment, information, complaint, plea of guilty, or official proceeding and result from related criminal acts that were committed within a three-month period, provided the court finds it within the public's interest

If you or someone who cares about you has any questions regarding eligibility to clean up a person's involvement with the Criminal Justice System, please contact Attorney Michael C. Hennenberg to schedule a consultation.


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