Our Team Can Help You Challenge Embezzlement Charges

For over 35 years, attorney Michael C. Hennenberg has stood side by side with people whose futures are compromised due to embezzlement charges. With experience in both state and federal courts, we know how to evaluate your case and strategize for the best possible resolution. If you are facing embezzlement charges in Ohio, you should have an idea of what you are going up against and what we can do to help protect your rights.

The Elements Of An Embezzlement Case

To be convicted of embezzlement, the prosecution must prove the following elements:

  • A fiduciary relationship existed between two parties
  • You received the property through the relationship
  • You took possession of the property or transferred it to another person
  • The acts were intentional

We will fight to mitigate the prosecution's evidence and provide evidence that supports our claims. When the prosecution fails to prove each individual element, we will fight for an acquittal of the embezzlement charge.

We Will Wage An Aggressive Defense

When you become our client, you are not only hiring an experienced attorney, but a team of professionals dedicated to you. Our team works with experts in the field who know the ins and outs of securing reliable and compelling evidence in embezzlement cases.

We can challenge the prosecution's argument by employing defenses such as:

  • You acted under duress
  • The act was committed as a result of entrapment
  • You did not intend to embezzle property
  • There is not enough evidence to convict

Do Not Take Your Chances. Speak With An Experienced Lawyer.

Embezzlement charges can put your reputation, career and relationships on the line. In some cases, you may even need to report charges to your profession's conduct board. Speaking with a qualified professional is essential to learning your options, taking the appropriate steps and finding solutions to reduce your sentence or obtain an acquittal.

Learn more about what our team can do for you at an initial consultation by calling our Cleveland office at 440-565-4214. You may also request a case evaluation online by completing our inquiry form.