Do Not Lose Hope After A Conviction

Appeals process attorney Michael C. Hennenberg has tried cases for over 35 years and helped countless individuals obtain justice after receiving an unfair trial. With our track record of success and satisfied professionals, we quickly rose as the go-to legal team for handling federal appeals cases in Ohio.

Were Your Constitutional Rights Violated?

If your constitutional rights were violated, we can help you appeal the judgment to a higher court. We can file an appeal in cases where:

  • Evidence was illegally obtained, improperly admitted, suppressed or tainted
  • Your confession was coerced
  • You were not read your Miranda rights
  • You did not receive a speedy trial
  • You received ineffective assistance of counsel
  • Your sentence is cruel and unusual

We are not afraid to stand up to prosecutors. As our client, you will have more than just a skilled appellate lawyer on your side. You will have a team of experts who will meticulously review evidence, witness statements and facts of the case to prove a miscarriage of justice occurred and ensure a successful appeal.

We Will Fight For A Just Outcome

Once we have argued your case, the court must rule on the constitutionality of your original trial. This may result in a variety of outcomes, including:

  • A new trial
  • Modification or correction of the lower court's judgment
  • An overturned conviction
  • Reduction or alteration of your sentence

Our office only takes on a handful of cases, and we will work diligently to secure the best possible outcome in your case. If you are a licensed professional, we will represent you before the respective licensing board and request a reinstatement of your license.

Criminal Convictions Are Not Final

You have a limited time to file a notice of appeal. Do not wait until it is too late. Learn your options and protect your professional reputation by calling our experienced federal criminal appeals team at 440-565-4214. You may also schedule an initial consultation online to visit our Cleveland office.