Mortgage Fraud Cases

As a criminal trial advocate Michael C. Hennenberg skillfully defends homebuyers, mortgage officers, realtors, appraisers and licensed professionals who have been accused of committing mortgage fraud.

There are a variety of criminal mortgage and bank fraud schemes that the government focuses their energy on. Some examples of them include:

  • Equity skimming Investors persuade homeowners to sign over the deed to their house and promise to rescue the property from foreclosure. Through a shell corporation, the investor depletes the equity of the home through upfront fees, while they collect monthly rent from the victim, but never make mortgage payments. Contact our experienced equity skimming defense team to learn more.
  • Misrepresentations on loan applications Homebuyers who misrepresent income, debts or another information to qualify for a home loan.
  • Property flipping — This occurs when a person purchases and resells property several times utilizing fraudulent appraisals.

"In the wake of the foreclosure crisis and the financial bailout of lenders that followed, state and federal law enforcement agencies have created special units dedicated to prosecuting mortgage fraud cases. The result has been more indictments alleging mortgage fraud-related crimes that may result in significant prison sentences and stiff fines." —Cleveland, Ohio, lawyer Michael C. Hennenberg

Protecting Your Rights In Federal Criminal Cases

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