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Eligible offenses on your record can be sealed. We can help you file an application. Michael C. Hennenberg is a highly skilled lawyer who has more than 35 years of experience representing eligible offenders in Ohio courts in the expungement process.

In Pepper Pike v. Doe, 66 Ohio St. 2d 374 (1981), attorney Michael C. Hennenberg was the first lawyer in Ohio to successfully argue in the Supreme Court of Ohio that individuals who have won their criminal cases have a constitutional privacy right to have their arrest and court records expunged.

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Fighting Aggressively For His Clients' Rights To Expungement

Black's Law Dictionary defines acquittal as a legal certification of innocence for someone who has been charged with crime.

As of October 29, 2018, Ohio allows people to seek expungement for up to five felony convictions and any number of misdemeanors. However, regardless of whether a conviction was considered a misdemeanor or felony, violent crimes and sexual crimes cannot be expunged.

Types Of Expungement

  • The first type of expungement permits people who have won their cases by acquittal, dismissal, straight release or grand jury no bill to have their arrests and/or court records sealed.
  • The second type gives most misdemeanor and some felony first offenders the ability to have their arrests and conviction court records sealed.

The Expungement Process

During the expungement process, we will:

  • Interview the applicant and double-check court records to determine the individual's eligibility for expungement
  • Prepare and file an application for expungement in the appropriate court
  • Appear at all scheduled court appearances
  • Follow up with the arresting law enforcement agency and the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI), when applicable, to ensure that the individual's record has been sealed and no longer appears in law enforcement databases

"In today's world, many public and private sector employers conduct criminal background checks on current and prospective employees. In some cases, an arrest that did not result in a conviction or a questionable case that was plea bargained down can cause a qualified applicant to be denied an excellent employment opportunity. Expungement is a term used in Ohio to describe the sealing of arrest, court and/or criminal conviction records."

Michael C. Hennenberg
Cuyahoga County Criminal Defense Lawyer

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