Standing Up For Ohio’s Licensed Nurses

Nurses must follow strict guidelines in order to retain their license. Unfortunately, incidents can occur in which the Ohio Board of Nursing may question your ability to fulfill the duties of your job. In these cases, your license can be on the line.

For over 35 years, attorney Michael C. Hennenberg has provided professional nursing license defense services to countless nurses and helped them protect their name. Our office is selective in the cases we choose, and, as our client, your case will have our full attention and dedication it deserves to keep your license.

What Types Of Criminal Behavior Can Result In Disciplinary Action?

There are a number of reasons that the board takes disciplinary action against nurses. One of them is criminal behavior. Sanctions may be imposed after convictions or guilty pleas to:

  • Misdemeanors and felonies
  • Crimes involving gross immorality or moral turpitude
  • Violations of municipal, state, county or federal drug laws

Disciplinary actions may include a reprimand and fine as well as placing restrictions on, suspending or revoking your license.

An Overview Of The Disciplinary Process

The Ohio Board of Nursing will follow certain steps to determine whether or not to impose disciplinary actions. The process is as follows:

  • Notice of complaint — You notify the Ohio Board of Nursing of an incident of misconduct or they receive a third-party complaint.
  • Investigation — The board launches an investigation. A compliance agent will discuss the allegations with you and, if applicable, the complainant. In addition, they may gather documentation regarding the possible misconduct.
  • Notice of hearing — If the board's supervising member decides to take disciplinary action against you, you will receive a written notice of opportunity for hearing. You have the option of requesting an administrative hearing within 30 days of receipt of the notice.
  • Offer of consent agreement — You may be offered to sign a consent agreement in lieu of a hearing detailing the misconduct and disciplinary terms.
  • Hearing — If you do not sign the consent agreement, you will attend a board meeting. You and your attorney can make a statement to the board. From there, they will decide whether to impose disciplinary action.

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