Selected Reported Decisions

Cuyahoga Cty. Bar Assn. v. Robert Garfield, 109 Ohio St. 3d 103 (Supreme Court of Ohio, 2006)

Lake Cty. Bar Assn. v. Donald Ezzone, 102 Ohio St. 3d 79 (Supreme Court of Ohio, 2004)

James Samuel Sims v. Ted Engle, 619 F.2d 598 (United States Court of Appeals, 6th Circuit, 1980) cert. denied, 67 L.Ed.2d 374 (United States Supreme Court, 1981)

Pepper Pike v. Doe, 66 Ohio St. 2d 374 (Supreme Court of Ohio, 1981)

State of Ohio v. Thomas Pearson, 62 Ohio St. 2d 291 (Supreme Court of Ohio, 1980)

State of Ohio v. Lee, et. al., 48 Ohio St.2d 208 (Supreme Court of Ohio, 1976)

State of Ohio v. Robert Cornell, 72 OO2d 428 (Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Court, 1975)