Do Not Take Chances When Facing Casino Crime Charges

The opening of Ohio's Horseshoe Casino in 2012 was the start of a new era in Cleveland. The casino offers gambling, entertainment and dining, but also presents the potential for significant casino-related legal problems such as:

  • Cheating allegations
  • Unpaid casino markers
  • Bad checks and fraud
  • Theft
  • Drug and alcohol-related issues
  • Other casino-related crimes

A Casino Crime Defense Team

For over 35 years, attorney Michael C. Hennenberg has aggressively defended individuals charged with casino crimes by working one-on-one with them and assembling a personalized defense team.

Our legal team believes a case without a comprehensive defense strategy can set you up for failure. That is why we advise every defendant in a criminal case needs a bulletproof, thoughtful strategy in furtherance of obtaining the best possible outcome.

Do Not Gamble On Your Legal Matters. Bet On Dependable Experience.

As a criminal trial advocate and fellow in the American Board of Criminal Lawyers, attorney Hennenberg and his support staff can skillfully and vigorously represent you in state and federal criminal courts.

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