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Life's pressures sometimes boil over in families and manifest themselves in ways that result in an unintended consequence, such as being arrested in connection with allegations of domestic abuse, or domestic violence between spouses and/or family members. Under Ohio criminal law, domestic violence in the Cleveland area can be between a husband and wife, significant others and family members, including parents and children.

If a household member threatens, physically hurts or attempts to hurt another household member, the local police department is often called. If you or a loved one is charged with a domestic violence offense, a court may issue a domestic violence criminal or civil protection order that remains in effect until the case is over, meaning the defendant cannot go home nor have contact with his or her family

A Comprehensive, Caring And Personalized Team Defense

Since 1974, founding attorney Michael C. Hennenberg has aggressively defended people charged with family violence offenses in state court. Now working with attorney Justin C. Withrow and our firm's support staff, we have cultivated relationships with many types of experts, including private investigators, counselors, polygraphists and/or mental health professionals in order to provide you with a comprehensive, personalized defense team.

  • A complaint alleging domestic violence may be a lie based on the complainant's objective to retaliate and harm the defendant. In such a case, our team will direct the fact-finding investigation, which often involves assigning a private investigator to conduct witness interviews and collect evidence to determine the provability of the criminal complaint, and recommend a strategy while preparing for trial.
  • In other situations, a complaint alleging domestic violence may be based in truth and may have arisen from pressures that do not justify violence, but explain how the outburst came about. Our lawyers review the facts with the client and determine a defense strategy.
  • Often, a mental health professional, counselor or other professional may be of assistance in helping the client and/or the client's family identify possible underlying personal and emotional issues and help them understand the triggers and progression of anger that develops in an effort to create a healthier and safer family life.

Types Of Domestic Violence In Ohio

Domestic violence is essentially a threat, attempt or actual assault on a household or family member. In Ohio, there are three scenarios in which prosecutors can charge domestic violence in municipal and/or common pleas courts:

• (1) By threat of force, knowingly causing a family or household member to believe they will suffer imminent physical harm

• (2) Recklessly causing physical harm to a family or household member

• (3) Knowingly causing or attempting to cause physical harm to a family or household member

Domestic violence is treated very seriously by the Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Court as well as the Cleveland and suburban municipal courts. If a person has a domestic violence conviction, a second domestic violence incident can be prosecuted as a felony, which can result in a sentence of up to five years.

Questions About Domestic Violence?

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