Do Not Lose Hope After A Theft Charge

Whether you made a mistake or have been wrongfully accused of theft, our office can help you fight for a reduced sentence or acquittal. If you fail to take immediate and appropriate action to challenge the charge, you may very well face fines and jail time.

We have over 35 years of experience handling a variety of theft cases, including burglary, breaking and entering, and shoplifting. We will work diligently to protect your license.

What Is Theft?

In Ohio, a person can be found guilty of theft if they purposefully obtain or exert control over an owner's property or services when they:

  • Fail to obtain the owner's consent or authorization
  • Go beyond the scope of the owner's express or implied consent or authorization
  • Deceive
  • Threaten
  • Intimidate

Theft charges are classified based on the value of the stolen property, and the penalties vary in severity. Petty thefts, for example, carry a prison sentence of no more than 180 days and first-degree felonies up to 11 years. Speak with attorney Michael C. Hennenberg to learn the penalties you may be facing for your charge.

Theft Convictions And Professional License Revocations

Professional conduct boards view theft involving fraud, dishonesty and falsification of documents as crimes of moral turpitude. Certain conduct boards are more unforgiving than others when considering disciplinary actions after a theft conviction. These professions include, but are not limited to, lawyers, nurses, doctors, pharmacists and teachers.

No matter your profession, licensing boards may decide that a theft charge makes you unfit to fulfill your responsibilities and revoke your license. Michael C. Hennenberg can fight to avoid a conviction and, if you are found guilty, appeal the board's decision to protect your license.

In many professions, you are not required to report misdemeanor charges to conduct boards and will not face disciplinary actions. Criminal convictions, however, must be reported, and even misdemeanor theft charges can put your license on the line. The reporting requirements vary based on the conviction and board, and an experienced lawyer can help you to determine what they are.

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