The opening of Horseshoe Casino Cleveland on Monday, May 14th, 2012 brought not only new excitement to downtown Cleveland but also new laws. According to the August 18th, 2012 Cleveland Plain Dealer article, the Horseshoe Cleveland’s revenue for the months of June and July was $50,060,421.  In order to regulate the millions of people visiting the new landmark and the millions of dollars exchanging hands, the Ohio legislature enacted laws to regulate the conduct of gamblers, patrons, guests, and employees as casinos open throughout Ohio in Cleveland, Toledo, Cincinnati, and Columbus.

Chapter 3772 of the Ohio Revised Code regulates Casino Gaming.  Specifically, §3772.99 entitled “Enforcement of Chapter” governs the conduct of gamblers visiting Ohio’s new casinos.  Depending on the conduct, the individual may face charges of a 1st degree Misdemeanor, 5th degree Felony, and possibly being barred for life from entering any Ohio casino.

Michael C. Hennenberg has already undertaken the representation of an individual who allegedly committed a Horseshoe Casino related crime.  We are currently arguing that our client, and Honorably Discharged Veteran, with no prior record should be considered for Diversion (probation without conviction resulting in dismissal if successfully completed).