Today, it is becoming more understood that having a criminal record is something that can happen to just about anyone. Residents in Ohio should no longer think that a criminal record automatically carries with it the same stigma that it once did. That said, it can feel a bit overwhelming when the time comes to find a new job and a person has a conviction on their record. However, Monster indicates that it is definitely possible to get a good job even with a criminal record.

While an overwhelming majority of employers run pre-employment background checks on job candidates today, there is good news for job seekers who have been convicted of criminal offenses. A survey conducted by the Charles Koch Institute and the Society for Human Resources Management showed that the majority of hiring managers and human resources professionals consider candidates with criminal records to be able to provide just as much value to a company as their counterparts without criminal records.

Glassdoor recommends that job seekers should pay attention to the type of job they are looking for relative to the nature of their conviction as this may contribute to how much weight a potential employer places on a past indiscretion. For example, someone convicted of embezzlement might have a harder time getting a job as an accountant than they would as a customer service representative. 

When the time comes to disclose information about a prior conviction, applicants should avoid delving into too many details and instead focus the conversation on how they have turned their lives around since that experience.