If you are like most people in Ohio, you can find it hard to look at your paycheck and see how much money is taken out for taxes. Regardless of your political leaning or your financial situation, this can be hard. The tax laws in the United States allow for legal ways that taxpayers can lower their tax burden. Taking advantage of deductions or special types of investments are some examples of this.

However, as explained by Forbes, you should proceed with caution when determining what things you pursue and why when it comes to taxes. Despite allowing people to get breaks on what they owe in taxes, the government has some limits here and can clamp down on what it would call illegal efforts to avoid paying any or one’s fair share of taxes. This can lead to allegations of tax evasion which can include both civil and criminal penalties.

Whether or not your actions are deemed to be willful means of avoiding tax responsibility can become the integral deciding factor in your fate in such a case. The Internal Revenue Service may even identify your choice to remain uneducated about tax laws a component of you willfully evading taxes. 

If you would like to learn more about the types of activities or situations that may put you in jeopardy of being accused of tax evasion and how you can protect yourself, please feel free to visit the IRS penalties page of our Ohio white collar and criminal defense website.