When you think about truck drivers and drug use, do you think about alcohol first? Maybe you worry about drunk driving and the odds of getting into an accident with an impaired truck driver.

It does happen, but alcohol use is actually one of the most minor issues that truck drivers face. Researchers have found that drug use is far more common. The most common drugs that they used were amphetamines and cocaine. In fact, nearly one out of every three drivers used amphetamines.

Why do they do it? One issue is boredom. Truck drivers spend long hours on the road, away from home. They spend most of their time in solitude. Even when they feel like they have a good job and they enjoy driving, they may not be cut out for all of this time alone. They look for ways to break up that boredom.

A big part of it, though, is that truck drivers may have long shifts and demanding schedules. That could be why they choose drugs that keep them awake, rather than things like alcohol, which may make them tired. They have to stay up for long hours, drive through the night, and even meet deadlines when they know they are too fatigued to drive. They could use drugs to make extra work possible and increase their own earnings.

That doesn’t make this legal, of course, though it helps to explain why it happens. Drug and alcohol use can cause a driver to lose his or her license. All who face these serious accusations need to know what legal steps to take.